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"Pastor Berry has not only been an inspiration, but a mentor

to me over the past two years. His willingness to reach out to

the community as well as the youth has inspired me to do so

much more myself.  He has shown through his teaching of

the Word that he is dedicated to reaching out and sharing with

others the Word of the Lord. I am truly blessed that he has

been a part of  my life and helped me to grow spiritually. I’m

grateful to have crossed paths with such a great man of God."   

Katie Anderson, Nurse

"Pastor Berry ability to help individuals realize their full potential is phenomenal. His techniques, grounded in scripture, have help me lead an extremely productive and balanced life. My family and I have been blessed because of our interaction with this selfless servant leader. Any person, organization, or group, would be thoroughly energized through interaction with Pastor Berry!"

Broderick Young, Corporate Executive

"I was pleased to find that Pastor Emory Berry fit into my favorite category of speaker–educational and enjoyable. He offers valuable Christian information which every attendee could find usable along. His well-made points and current news stories make Pastor Berry's sessions relaxing and rewarding. I was amazed at the amount of information he was able to fit into such a short time. I would highly recommend Pastor Berry for your church, conference, or event."

Kevin Fox, Financial Planner

"Rev Berry knows the Word...he educates, motivates and delivers a substantive message that you will understand!!​"

Gail Dotson, Attorney

"Pastor Berry is a brilliant mind in the community of preaching. His biblical studies and presentation of the Word of God shows great sermonic structure, style, and substance. Pastor Berry's character draws attention and his attitude for equipping the next generation of preachers and pastors is what makes him unique. My life and call to preaching has changed and elevated because of this God sent man. I would personally and professionally with high esteem recommend Pastor Berry for your church, leadership, life coaching, event or conference."

Rev. Daryl Veal, U.S. Navy

"Emory has a natural gift of inspiring and encouraging others to be their best. Since childhood, when ever I needed a boost, I have called Emory and he always helps me put things in perspective."

Sharonda Stewart, Entrepreneur

"Reverend Berry is a motivated young man with a vision. He is extremely astute, articulate, organized, responsible, and charismatic. Reverend Berry is also a phenomenal leader that “leads by example”.  He is innovative, proactive and energetic, and wants more out of life than to be great in just one capacity, but ventures out to do more than the usual…always looking for ways to make the impossible, possible. He definitely is an agent in the larger role of developing minds for the future.  Reverend Berry is not only a visionary and a great leader, but he is my friend!  His glowing smile lights up any room and his bubbling personality has the ability to warm any heart.  He is fun-loving, human, and my inspiration…"

Dr. Rameisha Ferguson, Principal