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Every day people and organizations encounter situations which demand solutions. It is during these challenging times that Dr. Berry has consistently provided clients with successful solutions and strategies for sustainable SUCCESS.

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Strong communities are usually the result of strong people working together for a greater good. Dr. Berry has seen this work in many places. He wants to HELP strengthen your business, professional, non-profit, or spiritual community!

Dr. Emory Berry, Jr. aims to "build hope and bridge gaps". His impactful work has inspired and improved businesses, professional associations, non-profit organizations, and spiritual communities. Many have expressed that they and their organizations are better because of Dr. Berry's positive push towards progress. Whether it be your group's annual convention, semi-annual retreat, fund-raiser event, retreat, or revival, Dr. Emory Berry, Jr. is the speaker for your occasion! 







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As one of Inspire Magazine's Top 40 emerging leaders and inspirational speakers in the U.S., Dr. Berry is recognized as one of the transformational voices in the 21st century! His story will inspire and motivate you to be your BEST!


Knowledge is a tool used to transform and improve a person's or organization's reality. Dr. Berry's insights and research on various topics consistently provide thousands of listeners with priceless nuggets to EXCEL in life.